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Mexican Taco Dinner

Our Story

Growing up on a small farm in Nebraska, we didn’t have a lot of extras, but there was always plenty of family and plenty of good food. My best memories are of my parents loading up the entire clan – there were 10 of us – and driving out to visit relatives.

Grandma Garcia loved to cook, and she was very good at it! Whenever we’d visit, she was busy in the kitchen humming and cooking. She’d spend hours hand-making the softest tortillas you ever had. And hers was the house everyone gathered at to make tamales during the holidays. Whether it was a simple pot of beans, a stew or chicken mole, you knew it was going to be wonderful. 

All of the kids, including our cousins, would play out in the yard while the adults visited and cooked. The aromas from the house would eventually draw us in. The adults sat at the table and the rest of us would sit anywhere we could find a flat surface. Thinking back, it never seemed crowed, even with 15 or 20 people in a tiny little kitchen, all talking and laughing at the same time.

Sharing our food is our way of sharing our family, our history and our love for one another.

We hope these simple foods help bring you the warmth and sense of togetherness they have always given us.

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